Thursday, February 2, 2012

Catur Kayu Tipe Barito

Bagi para pecinta catur, kini saatnya anda memiliki catur berkualitas dengan design yang elegant, yaitu catur kayu tipe Barito. dengan spesifikasi :
• Safety Box
- bahan kayu jati.
- Finishing : Melamin Semprot Anti gores.
- Pelapis dalam kain Flanel

• Bidak Catur.
- bahan kayu mentaos,
- Finising : melamin semprot anti Gores
- pemberat timah putih
- pelapis alas : karpet

• Papan Catur :
- ukuran 52cm X 52Cm / 6cm X 6cm
- Bahan : Hardboard
- Pelapis : Vinyl

Silahkan hubungi :
081 357 9000 97

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baliem Decorative Chess

Type Baliem Decorative Chess
Material :
High quality of wood.
Colors: light brown, black.
Tin as a ballast (optional).

Product Dimension :

 Pieces                  Diameter (mm)  Height (mm)
 King         37 95
 Queen 37 80
 Bishop 37 75
 Knight 36 65
 Rook 35 55
 Pawn 29 44
Total weight : ± 1 Kg.      

Arabian decorative

Type Arabian decorative
Arabian decorative chess set is beautifully crafted to get an Arabian style of design by skillfull Indonesian craftmen. Every piece of this chess is the artworks that you can keep for collection and hand it through generation.

Friday, July 8, 2011

International Chess Decorative

Standard Wood Chess International Chess Decorative Products Is The Best In Quality and high sculpture. Suitable for you who like collecting unique chess.

Decorative Wooden Chess International Standard is the only chess which has carved a unique design and exist only in The design that we have very different from the others. For the international chess Decorative this, we display a chess not only as a game but also can be functioned as a decoration in your room ...